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Chappell Nuggets welcomes the Herbaliser


The Herbaliser are the pioneering duo who have gained a huge worldwide following for their innovative style of instrumental hip hop, funk, downtempo beats and their deft use of sampling. When we asked them if they’d like to dig through our archive of old library soundtrack material, there was an enthusiastic reaction…..with the chance to sample and splice some old forgotten tunes Ollie and Jake were happy to get involved!

The Herbaliser have evolved over the years from the founding duo (Jake Wherry and Ollie Teeba) to a full blown band that has been touring to great acclaim and has provided the sounds for their albums Session One, Session Two, Something Wicked This Way Comes and Same As It Never Was

Meanwhile, Ollie has been in consistent demand for his DJing skills, touring worldwide dropping dope beats from his massive record collection.

Check out the current Herbaliser tracks on Nuggets
right here.

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