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  • LO-CD37 - Planet Mu - Exclusive Preview

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    production music library

    Lo Editions presents Planet Mu LOCD37 - the perfect introduction to an amazing world of sound. Planet Mu was formed by Mike Paradinas in 1995 and has since become one of the most distinctive and notorious electronic labels in the world.

    Paradinas was part of the first wave of modern electronic innovators alongside Aphex Twin with whom he recorded the album ‘Mike N Rich’. Undoubtedly one of the most forward thinking electronic labels in existence, Planet Mu has consistently championed emerging styles such as dubstep, grime and most recently Chicago ‘footwork’.

    Follow the ‘Spiral Staircase’ and let your imagination hit new heights. Float along to ‘Equinox Ever’ and become part of the madness, or take it down a step to the ‘Cave of Dreams’ and feel the sub bass drop into infrasound.

    The range Planet Mu has to offer is stunning. From the experimental dubstep of Starkey, the twisted jazz funk of Oriol to the blessed out chill wave of Tropics, the music oozes quality. This production music album is perfect for anyone aiming for a contemporary sound or trying to catch something almost undiscovered whether it’s for ads, idents or modern drama.

    Here's a selection of tracks from the Planet Mu album. Enjoy!


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